Friday, July 24, 2015

D.Butterlfy Resort


In an imaginary scene an untouched landscape flows under the inhabited areas and a scorching hot wind blows through. The overflowing thoughts heat up and fruits are thawed in a heat haze. The ramified conclusion at the unknown end is drowning in a ruby's charm frames a wavering mirage.


The „Desert Butterfly Resort“ is intended as an artificial oasis which can be situated in every desert landscape that leaves the nature as untouched as possible. The principal components of this facility are composed by a central structure with lobby, reception, restaurant, bar etc. as well as two surrounding levels of guest bungalows which are placed all around in the air. All these guest bungalows are shaped in the form of abstract butterflies. The butterflies are connected to the central structure by pedestrian bridges on two levels. The central structure resembles a big butterfly mother containing also the public infrastructure with lifts and stairways that allow to all butterfly levels. A bar is situated on the top floor of the butterfly mother; the underground level contains public sanitary rooms, the cuisine, stores and technical rooms as well.


Lived-in sculpture based predominantly on air, which seams to be lost in an endless sand ocean. This kind of architecture represents the ancient human assimilation into the desert. A place for imagining recreation with the possibility of working online. The resort destination can be reached very comfortable via some progresive means of transportation such as the Air Car created in the Silicon Valley.


The entire construction of D.Butterfly Resort is based on the principle of prefabricated lightweight structures. The big glass fronts should be switchable so that the solar glazing will be controled. This allows not only to control the tremendous heat and keep a pleasant room climate the whole year, but also to generate shading by dimming the glass instead of mechanical blinds or sunshades. In this way, good protection against dazzling reflections and an unobstructed view to the outside are granted as well. Protection against undesirable peeking into the interiors is also addressed in this way. The entire facility should stand for an advanced and sustainable technnology such as the utilization of renewable resources for air conditioning and lighting.


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.functional area 9500 sqm


A desert represents a huge natural parametric array with always changeable scenarios. The dune shapes are freezing for a while but their appearance is modified continuously depending on the time of the day that influences the lenght of shadows. In this way it is a great experience to watch this metamorphosis taking place. This is in fact the idea behind placing a residential building in the middle of such a natural phenomenon. The entire form of the building is laid-out to enable a lot of high-flyer sights all around. The building outlines are designed in geometric shapes as a contrast to the organical forms of the dunes. The internal walls and the furniture design stand for the continuation of the organical movements appropriate to the desert environment.


An abandoned plot of land overlooking the extended landscape. A piece that respects the land's natural contour can only be created by constructing a house on air. The shadows represent the single touches of the ground... 

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