Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paris River Champagne Bar

The Champagne glasses move together and melt into one seamless entity just like people’s souls after Champagne tasting. The Champagne River Bar serves as a transformation of an unfathomable event into the material world in form of an organic shaped glass pavilion. The glass walls appear to be a hybrid form, capturing simultaneously the expressive essence of both liquids and solids. Here, a journey of knowledge begins with the Seine at one’s feet which, at dusk, shines in all its glory – an obvious gesture of a poet raising a toast to the city’s unmistakable skyline. It is only this moment of unlimited convergence that counts.
The interior of the River Bar is designed in a manner which enables each guest to sit at the glass front and thus to enjoy the exclusive panoramic view of the Seine. Especially for the purpose of the Champagne Bar, a table has been designed in which a holder for the Champagne bucket is already integrated. The entire interior is largely reduced to a few main objects: the Champagne table with chairs, the bar counter with bar stools and the Champagne Relief Wall.
Lighting and Colour Concept
The inner walls, the ceiling and the floor covering, all of which are coloured in white, not only serve as a neutral background for the entire furnishing in graphite gray, but also as a projection surface for illuminations. The entire facade is made of transparent glass and thus functions as a monitor of the whole inner life. Just like the sparkling pearls ascending in a Champagne glass, the LED projections are supposed to create the same effect in combination with the guests’ movements.

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