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Pharmacy Gate 4D

Project Idea and Concept by Peter Stasek Architect
in colaboration with

The project “Pharmacy Gate 4D” represents an intermediary architectural concept for the entrance hall of the German branch of a global US-based pharmaceutical company. The project “Pharmacy Gate 4D” is able to express the main company feature in the form of corporate architecture, amongst others with the aid of holographic projection. 


sketch by Peter Stasek

The creative concept is based on the combination of material and immaterial components, which together create a media platform. The centre point of this platform is characterized by an oversized bowl as a symbol for an abstract alchemy goblet above which a holographic diagram of a floating DNA strand is projected. This DNA hologram suggests the easiness of life of a symptom-free human organism. The rotating DNA hologram not only represents the flow of life but also the relationship between light and life itself. In the background of this bowl, an additional symbol of human life appears, a human face in the form of the 3D sculpture „Nemo“. This scenario is framed by organically shaped wall coverings with perforations in the form of abstract organic structures. The 3D TV in 21:9 format, which transmits internal and external news to all persons in the hall, is also an essential communication medium within the new interior concept.

The entire choice of materials for the interior is based on the utilisation of smooth surfaces, such as Corian, with rounded edges. Especially the perforated screening walls and their organically shaped layout are supposed to bring a muscle fibre structure to everyone’s mind. In this manner, a smooth unintrusive background for all components in the room will be generated. As a contrast to this, the existing elevator shaft is covered with silver-coloured panels made from extruded aluminium (Alusion), whose surface structure resembles the bone structure and thus makes the elevator appear as a constructive element. For the floor covering, a joint-free coating with a concrete look is to be deployed. This coating is also to be allotted in organically shaped main features and forms the basis of the entire composition. An additional accentuation of some parts of the walls as well as of the ceiling cut-out is achieved by RGB LED illumination which is able to generate space dynamics that complement the hologram.

The projected DNA hologram, which can be understood not only as an allusion to research in the field of gene technology but also of quantum biology, was developed in cooperation with Linda Law, Executive Director of the Center for 4D Arts, New York. 

Peter Stasek Architect 

sketch by Peter Stasek



Silver A' Design Award Winner

Pharmacy Gate 4D - Corporate Interior Concept by Peter Stasek is Silver A' Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, 2013 - 2014 in Como, Italy

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